e-pl2 red spot problem

Started Jan 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
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New filter or lens?

Since it is clearly the same old sensor could it be the AA filter or the new lens?

I have argued that the PL2 is less sharp than PL1, based on a DSRmagazine comparison.

Now that could be due to:

  • a different AA filter, like in the 520 compared to the 510

  • the new lens

  • a stronger default Noise Filter, to allow 6400

A tad better DR would point to the AA filter like in the 520, but can that produce multiple red spots?

The new lens could have uncorrected reflections. It has one ED element less.

Only way to tell if it is the sensor would be to use different lenses, tested on prior cameras.

OTH posters above pointed to the same problem developing with a Sigma CMOS. Could it be a bad batch of sensors?

I don0't see how the red spots could be fixed with a firmware fix, anyway.


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