after trying D7000, I doubt D800 video would help

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after trying D7000, I doubt D800 video would help

For the longest amount of time, I've been thinking the only thing that's lacking on my D700 is video. Trying the D7000 video for a few minutes proved me wrong.

Trying the video mode on D7000 for a little while with the 16-35/4VR (supposedly a lens that works better with video AF) I wasn't really impressed. The 1080p resolution and the details are there. But keeping the image in focus was not easy. I was more trying to combat out of focus imagery then actually trying to shoot something. Stopping down to f/8 still doesn't entirely solve the issue.

If the hypothetical D700 successor (aka D800) come with same type of video AF, and given the thinner DOF of FX, I really doubt how useful can that be unless you tripot mount the camera and do precise MF. If you want to shoot it the hollywood style, great . Want to have a easy time shooting some home video with AF? good luck.

Another problem is ergo/weight. first the DSLR ergo is not for shooting video. Also can we really hand held a D700 + 16-35/24-120 (a 4 pounds combo) for 15 minutes in the video shooting position with one hand without feeling tired? how about doing it for a day on a trip?

In comparison, the panny GH1 I tried works like a charm. The AF is almost instantaneous. The form factor plus the swivel LCD plus the lesser weight make hand-holding it a lot more fun and doable. The 14-140 is basically the video capable version of the 18-200VR equivalent.

The good thing that came out of this is now I realize there's nothing lacking in my D700, iit's as good a still camera as it can be. The bad news is I probably have to dig into my pocket to buy a GH2 to shoot video. And hopefully I wouldn't be too addicted to it to a point that I buy the 100-300 and 7-14 soon afterward.

I sense something really wrong here. Panny earns some business from me and Nikon would prehaps lose some. Nikon better get their mirrorless out of their door soon.


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