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Re: M9 is best by a country mile

jl123 wrote:


Forgive me for wondering (if this sounds a simple question) but your opinion on the GF seems so diametrically opposed to Xtoph's? What is it about the GF that for you makes it easier to focus in quick situations than the Leica? Or is it that the Leica takes more time to learn for you? thanks Xtoph and steve, jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

I didn't say the GF was easier. It's different totally in it's handling to the M9. I love my M9. I can zone focus quite happily. I can't pocket it like the GF and the GF has reasonably quick AF. Both very different. Both easy to use in their own right.

One thing to be sure of though; when you look at the RAW files, there is no comparison. The M9 is in a different league. There is a richness and depth and smoothness to them that the GF can't even hope to get close to. But then again you would like to think so given the difference in cost..



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