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Re: Camera model bashing

Mike wrote:

I keep seeing and so prooved that the S90 is better than the S95, or the G11 is better than the G12, etc., etc....

People need to understand, yea, even some of the so called "Pro's"..!

EVERY...reread that...EVERY camera is different in one way or another.

Take ten, G11's and ten, G12's (or any other digital camera) and test every option within each of the cameras capibilities.

You WILL end up with a large chart that will "compare" the different capibilities and outcomes of each camera.

Every internal component is slightly different than the next, every solder joint is different than the next (and has an effect on total output..!), every sensor, every other "chip" slightly to, very much different than the next.

Every part and assembly has a tolerance band it's manufactured to. Be it VERY small...or just sorta small..! Everything.....has a tolerance.

Think about that a little next time someone decides to bash model against model.


P.s. - this has to do with your car...your computer..etc., etc.

You fail to consider human nature. What would all those members have to bitch about if no comparisons were made:-))??

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