Experiments with slow apertures

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Re: Experiments with slow apertures

Bruno Almeida wrote:

I´m always glad to see challenges that pushes us to the best of our abilities - but, far too often, the majority of the photos I see are using fast apertures - that indeed produce some very nice images. But what about the order way around?

Most beginners have access only to lenses that range from f.4-5.6 (with the occasional 50mm f.1.8) because of budget issues - I my self, one of them :(. During the holidays, I was reading The Camera , by Ansel Adams and just loved those wonderful images - namely, those with greater depth of view.

Format issues aside - why don´t we try some o it? Monochrome (not necessarily black & white though but yellow, blue, etc...) or Color, filters, tilt and shift... Anything goes! The main idea is to see how far can you go - how deep , if you prefer. How about photos starting from f.8 on, to start.

What do you, boys and girls, say?

A fast lens has a wider than avg. aperture, but there's no such thing as a fast or slow aperture. The aperture setting allows a fast or slow shutter, depending on whether the aperture is set to the wide open end or closed down range. Closing down all the way introduces diffraction (a softening of details).

By 'greater depth of view", you're referring to Depth of Field (DOF).

As for the question - some of "we" vary between wide open shallow DOF and stopped down broader DOF shooting objectives. And presentations are not necessarily limited to color images, either.

"We" welcome you to experiment as your passion dictates.

Find a weekly Landscape/Scenic topic in the forum of your 'brand' of gear , for those that push the limits of DOF every day. In this forum, there's a weekly 'scape topic as well:


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