DPR Quick Poll - Brand Loyalty

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Re: DPR Quick Poll - Brand Loyalty

I'm not into any niche photography yet so there is no special equipment I need that all the major brands don't already have. The biggest deciding factors for me were 1) in-body stabilization (awesome with primes), 2) APS-C sensors (that ruled out m4/3), and 3) access to cheap lenses (Minolta and third party).

That being said, if Sony really didn't fit my needs in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to jump ship. Sure there would be a financial penalty (or not, depending on the market at that time) but there's a value to being happy too.

As for the wife, well if I'm dropping $200 on an Easy Choice then there's no need to discuss. But if I'm going for a $2000 CZ or f2.8 telezoom then yeah, I think it's only fair that I get tacit approval at least. Of course that depends on everybody's individual financial situation. Sure it would be nice if the wife just rubber stamped everything but that's not the kind of wife I would ever want as that kind of attitude and thinking rolls over into other aspects of personality and character.

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