Can PS do the same thing as portrait professional?

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Re: 8 bit mode

When you uncheck Light Dust then it corrects for Dark areas. Don't worry about the progress bar.

Aristoc wrote:

Im only using 10 MB files out of my camera. When I click on the polaroid "light dust off" it just seems to stall there. I guess I just need to be more familiar with it.

cspringer wrote:

What size files are you working on? I just ran it on a 51MB file and with new layers it's 153MB. It took about 6 seconds to run D&S. I have a i7 950, 6gb ram.

Aristoc wrote:

Dust and scratch removal takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

For anyone who wants to know, you seem to have to work in 8 bit mode, and 32 bit operating systems. Not sure if that makes a huge bit of difference or not in the overall scheme of things.

The actions themselves are very nice to work with .

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