"Flat view" vs. "Threaded view"

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Re: The worst thing DPR ever did...

ljfinger wrote:

egrivel wrote:
Flat view only shows a few of the messages in a long thread.

Yes, I really wish they would have a setting of how many messages per pages. I'd set it to "all" so I wouldn't have to go trough seven pages.

Threaded view shows a tree. If people use reasonable subjects, you can scan the entire thread in a few seconds, and only read the posts and subthreads that interest you.

Which makes sense if you know which messages you're interested in. Often, I find that I learn interesting or unexpected things from people responding in a discussion.

How do you know a response is interesting or not until you look at it? The subject only says they are responding (unless it is one of these "nt" posts)


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