7D : metering problem

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Real world is what matters, i'd suggest go out and shoot that bird...

I think John is maybe on to something there...the metering method may change for servo. The 7D uses very complex methods beyond common understanding unless you're a Canon engineer or want to be that's for sure. I assume that's not why you bought a 7D?(don't get me wrong i've played lab rat too, but....)

What matters is real world, hence my subject line. Just go shoot some birds etc and see what happens? My bets are you'll be very impressed w/the results. I found my original 7D(haven't put new one to the test but likely the same) did a great job w/chasing things across the sky. In fact it track-focused dragonflies like some missile guidance system!!! Very accurate exposure, and gave a brilliant blue sky too, all with no exp compensation.

If anything it can be overly sensitive, no rhyme or reason. Barely discernable frame changes can alter exposure and not always better. I've debated trying out center-weight metering in certain cases for this very reason, like the last commenter said. It may very well stop that. Then again, bird-in-flight it seemed dead on! At least w/digital you can quickly find out exposure & go back to shooting right then...worst case it may need an adjustment but not likely. Let us know how you make out in the blue yonder!


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