Where to buy lens in Shinjuku, Japan

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Re: Where to buy lens in Shinjuku, Japan

Hi Bill,

I hardly buy any used stuff for myself nowadays but I sometimes get a list from some colleagues to purchase some 'rare' camera stuff and usually check these stores below.

The first store I can advice you is Camera no Ohbayashi it's in the Osaka Dai Ichi building (1st building) on the first floor. I bought a used F5 there (in almost new and boxed condition for an excellent price) They also have a nice used Leica collection on sale (already nice to only watch.) There are several smaller stores in that same building giving you a huge choice together.

Tukamoto Camera is an other favorite store of me, they have a lot of very good offers, especially used lenses, you can find them in the Dai yon Building (4th building), a bit further down the street of the Dai Ichi building.

Both stores offer new cameras and lenses as well.

In the Electronics area called DenDen Town there are (still) many camera stores, although this area is on a retreat due to the huge chain stores like Yodobashi and others. If you go there check the store named Kamera no Naniwa, they had some nice options on used lenses last summer.

At Camera no Ohbayashi and at many stores in DenDen Town you can bring your passport for a tax reduction at the stores itself.

Hope this gave you useable info.


BinhMinh wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

I have some interesting places for you in Osaka....
so if you are still in a need, let me know

I'm not sure if you stay at friends' or family houses, but if you have access to the internet, and some one can help you out with Japanese sites overthere, you can find more and much better offers online in Japan than probable any where else in the world (camera related that is)


Michel, I am sure I need your advice for shops in Osaka. I will stay in hotel and would have access to internet but not help from friends as I know nooen in this city. It's good to know what's going on anyway. Thanks.


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