7D : metering problem

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Re: 7D : metering problem

fpix wrote:

1. When shooting in One Shot camera sets a certain exposure. This exposure would be almost ok, I do observe camera is taking in account focus point and luminance of subject.

2. Same scene, this time in AI Servo AF , continous focus on subject, I get a different exposure, usually -1/3 ... -2/3 compared to situation at 1. But there is always some difference in exposure vs. situation 1. In my thinking this should not happen since the camera knows where the subject is and subject is continously focused.

Has anybody here observed this? Is this a bug?

Hi fpix. I just tried this experiment on my camera. I could not get the same results as you. On my 7D, I get the exact same exposure in One Shot as AI Servo. Like you, I used Av mode with evaluative metering. The only thing I changed between shots is the AF mode.

I would not expect exposure to change due to the focus mode, and I would be surprised if it did. I wish you good luck in discovering why your 7D is behaving strangely!

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