D7000 to 60D is it a downgrade?

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Re: compare the viewfinders

Peace On Earth wrote:

I think you are the only person that matches my style lol.

I have newer owned a SLR with 100% VF, so this may be the reason why I do not see the need.

But my shooting style is more "capture the moment" and there you do not spend big time to find "the right composition". I'm creating my final composition when processing the images - which was my dream in since I started photography over 20 years ago before it became reality with the modern PC based systems.

I do not like cropping so I like to take my shots how I want it. Annoyingly, something in the edges come up lol.

For me cropping is a simple normal part on PP. but if you do not want to PP, then this may be a problem. Some of the cameras though seem to benefit a lot if using RAW, but then PP is mandatory.

I think that is one of the crippled feature so that we spend more monies on the higher models.

I guess people nowadays do not realize how rare the 100% VF was a couple of years ago. Only the expensive top pro models had that. Maybe this will be a common feature in future dSLRs except perhaps in the lowest cost models.

I hope you know the 100% VF does not come for free. But seems the manufacturers have learned to make it quite cheap.

sdh wrote:

Surprised no one's mentioned the viewfinders yet. Am I the only one who's really annoyed it's not 100%? It's a dealbreaker for me. Im tired of finding stuff on the edges of my pictures that wasnt there when I composed the shot. 60d might as well be a 50d IMO.

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