Much easier and faster manual focus for legacy lens

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Much easier and faster manual focus for legacy lens


As all you know it's much easier to focus fast lens when it's wide open, but usually we don't shot really wide open because fast lens are bit soft wide open.

One can turn aperture ring to open lens, focus and then close it again, but it requires either looking back at lens or counting clicks to set back desired aperture. Neither way is fast but both ways can be annoying.

Unfortunately when we are using legacy lens camera can't keep aperture open for framing and close it just before shot like old dslrs used to.

It would be good to be able to open aperture with single button press for focusing, at last.

So I've just made small improvement to my lens DIY Minolta MD lens adapter.

Now I can open aperture with single press of middle finger while thumb and index finger are operating focus ring.

This way is really convenient and fast. Now it's much easier to focus because I don't have to magnify the view to see where the focus really is. At least at middle to short distances where DOF is quite small.

Here is how it looks. Not beauty but works great and because plastic lever isn't really stiff (but stiff enough to operate) there is no way to break lens in case it catch on something by accident.

The only drawback is that before removing lens from adapter I'll have to remove plastic lever from aperture lever, but it's easy and I not really problem because I'm using only one MD lens with G1.

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