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Re: switch to nikon

kevindar wrote:

Osiris30 wrote:

I hope you are right. d700 came out before 5d2, and long before 7d and 60D, but has better dynamic range and less shadow noise. Canon has been behind in their sensor technology for about 3 years now, but not by much until now.

Truth be told, I find my 5d2 an amazing camera, and its a little bit of case of, well if Nikon could have a better sensor why cant canon? It does have practical application in landscape shooting though.

Yes and it has far less resolution. Canon's next FF sensors will probably pack enough pixels to make a 2x2 (4:1) pixel binning on chip possible. At that point you may have a 28MP (or higher) FF camera with your choice:

1) 28 MP high-res monster with decent DR and insane resolution or

2) 7MP binned DR/ISO monster with adequate resolution for most things that are shot at stupidly high ISO.

Canon's pixel march will end up being a good thing. You need enough pixels for the binning to produce a usable output and with a Bayer filter you are stuck with that 2x2 binning as a minimum.

Then it will be 36mp, and 40mp giving 9 and 10mp binned.

Simply Canon isn't stupid. They know as much about light as anyone else in the marketplace and also know a hell of a lot more about semiconductor tech than Nikon (Canon having both their own fabs and making semiconductor equipment).

This isn't to say Sony hasn't done a great job with their new sensor. They have. But it's hardly the end of the world or a falling sky.

Finally let's not forget.. there is a finite amount of DR you can output usably, regardless of what you capture and almost all cameras today are getting close to that limit, so we're getting pretty damned academic here. I mean it's great if you can recover an exposure that's 4 stops wrong, but really, why did you shoot it that wrong in the first place?

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