I sold my Canon G9, now what compact?

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Re: I sold my Canon G9, now what compact?

I just got a G12 recently. If I knew about the Olympus I would have waited for the reviews before getting G12. I do not think it is worthy waiting Nikon new model, P7000 shows that they are still behind with their coolpix line (btw I currently own 4 Nikon DSLRs).

I chose G12 over S95 due to the Hot Shoe for external flash and longer zoom reach (I needed the extra reach) and handling (I also like articulating LCDs). I am to carry the G12 in one pant pocket (with wrist strap) and the flash (270EX) in the other. I like to use jpg most of the time and avoid a lot of pp (I do take most pictures in RAW/JPG just in case) so LX5 was not an option due to their jpg engine (I just can't afford the time), but Olympus have great colors.

PaulRivers wrote:

Regarding competition, nikonrumors keeps saying Nikon will come out with an f1.8 100mm zoom lens camera -


There's some credence to the idea that it might be an s95 competitor as they already have the p7000 with 200mm zoom to compete with the g12. On the other hand, no one really knows.

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ps. I truly believe photography as a hobby is defined by the pleasure you get from the activity. It does not matter what equipment or results. I am a hobbyist and a very awful photographer (snapshooter is a better name) but a very happy one.

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