Re: Pentax on mirrorless: 'we never rule anything out'

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Re: LCDs will surpass mirrors.

The industry is clinging to the SLR mirror box design because developing an entirely new mirrorless camera similar to micro 4/3 means a completely new lens mount and, without using adapters to replace the lost lens to flange distance, making all the current SLR lenses obsolete.

I think that is primary reason--if camera makers could figure out a way to use the current lenses without adapters we would have mirrorless cameras from every manufacturer by now. The problem is its impossible to replace the lost distance without a 'clunky' adapter. Sony's 'pellicle' mirror camera eliminates the swinging mirror and maintains the same lenses--the problem there is the camera remains the same size because they must still maintain the flange to sensor distance that existed with a swinging mirror.

Most people who favor the mirrorless designs now do so because the cameras can be made smaller.

I remember the negative press Canon received when they introduced the EOS lens mount which made all previous Canon lenses obsolete (if one wanted a newer EOS body). Nikon, Pentax, and Sony all advertise the hell out of being able to mount any vintage or legacy lens (Sony with Minolta of course). I can only imagine the furor felt if EOS and Nikon owners could not use their existing lenses on a new body. I am fortunate--I sold all my Canon glass when I switched to Panasonic G1 and didn't really lose any money. If everyone puts their glass on eBay at the same time the lenses will be next to worthless and people fear losing the investment they have in lenses.

I dream of the day Pentax creates a great mirrorless camera with a great set of pancake primes, until then I will use my Panny G1. I'll never go back to an SLR but I understand the trepidation others have with it.

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