Any Panasonic Warranty Suggestions?

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Any Panasonic Warranty Suggestions?

I bought my wife a GF-1 for Christmas. She freaking loves it. Or rather, loved it for 3 days, until it started metering wildly inaccurately. In manual mode, it would give hugely inaccurate metering instructions, and in any automatic mode, it would take drastically under or over-exposed photos.

So, I contacted Panasonic support. They ran me through a few troubleshooting steps, and when those didn't fix the issue, instructed me to send it in for repair / exchange.

I figured it'd be easier to exchange it with B&H - who I bought it from, but when I contacted them, they told me they weren't carrying the GF-1 kit with the 20mm lens anymore, and that they could either let me return it, or apply the credit towards a different model.

So, I decided to send it in to Panasonic.

They got the package (sent at my own expense through Fedex) last Thursday. I called the repair center this morning to check up on the repair, and was told that it would take another 10(?!) days to "evaluate" my camera.

Let me compare this experience with another manufacturer's warranty process. A little while ago, I had an Apple laptop fail. It was 2 years old and out of warranty, but since the failure was due to a known manufacturing defect, they agreed to cover the repair.

I contacted Apple about the problem on a Monday. Tuesday, I had a return shipping box delivered by Fedex on my doorstep. I sent it back with my laptop the same day. They got it Wednesday, and repaired the faulty video card the same day. Thursday, I had my fixed laptop back on my doorstep.

Total repair time and cost for a 2-year old out of warranty Apple laptop: 4-days and $0.00

Total repair time and cost for a 3-day old in-warranty Panasonic camera: 2.5 Weeks and $19 so far.

Obviously, this is quite disappointing. But, beyond the therapeutic nature of venting to this forum, I'm posting to see if anyone here has had any better luck with Panasonic's warranty exchange process? Anyone specific at Panasonic I could contact to speed things up?

I'm not looking for anything unreasonable. I just feel that if Panasonic sells me a faulty product, they should repair it at their cost (including necessary shipping) and in a prompt manner.

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