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Re: Questions - Thinking of buying a NEX

randyh360 wrote:

I was also trying to decided between the A55 and the NEX-5. The A55 is clearly the winner in every way except for the size. It's at least twice the size as the NEX, and as someone mentioned earlier, the lack of protrusions on the NEX makes it much easier to fit into almost any bag or large pocket. I ended up with the NEX (and only regret it occasionally :)), but the choice was a little easier for me because my number one concern was size/portability. Also, the main reason I was looking at these cameras to begin with was to get rid of the flash altogether. If any of the following are more important to you than size, then in my opinion you should get the A55: lens selection, large/useful flash, AF speed, or viewfinder.

Here are a couple of sites that might help you make up your mind:

Compare Specs:

Side by side comparison (NEX-5 vs. A33):

Thanks for this very helpful post.

Could you point me to some image galleries of A55 and NEX?

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