Hard drive inaccessible

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Re: Hard drive inaccessible

William Pesch wrote:

Yes, I tried rebooting: no avail.

This is a WD drive enclosure with no visable screws or other release item to open the case. Black plastic case with some sort of internal "snap in" lugs that lock in the outer shell components.

Since it is out of warranty, I guess I have nothing to loose by snapping open the case sides from the ends. Was hoping to be able to fix it and still use the case.

Once open, I do have the Vantec USB to SATA/IDE converter cable and can then check out the drive.

It may or may not have visible screws.

Upon taking apart electronic devices of many kinds I have learned that screws are hidden behind labels and "feet" most of the time.

But the newer stuff may be different.

You have nothing to lose, just be careful and wear a wrist strap to ground yourself if you have one so you don't damage the drive. Odds are it's the enclosure, not the drive.

Good luck!

Candice in PA

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