Any Digilux-5 rumors ?

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Re: The Digilux line was more impressive. Replaced by X1 ?

I believe Leica is done with Digilux. Or maybe I should say, they haven't even started, since Digiluxes were Fuji and Panasonic cameras re-badged with Leica logo in Japan.

And since Digilux 3 were 4/3 camera and Leica is no longer in this game, I don't think the next version is coming... But I would have loved to see Leica make m4/3 version of Oly E-P2 or Pana GF2 and make some nice m4/3 primes.

Leica decided to take X1 round and I admire their effort (although I don't really like X1, I will be looking forward to X2 etc...)

Personally, I love Digilux 2, I have one mint copy in my cabinet. I would like to see more cameras like that coming out soon. Looks like Fuji is getting the point with X100, hopefully X2 will be more like it.

Mr.NoFlash wrote:
Digilux-2 and Digilux-3 evolved more to "high-quality big lens halfbig sensor".

D-Lux line is more the "high-end pocket cam" line.

In addition to that, D-Lux and Digilux were parallel in 2005-2007.

But perhaps the X1-Line replaces the Digilux line, because price-wise more in the digilux area

Motobiker wrote:

Not discontinued.... edited.

2008 D-Lux 4 announced.

2010 D-Lux 5 announced.

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