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If it doesn't have an optical viewfinder...

... then stodgy old crusties who have never used a good electric viewfinder will continue to make prejudiced statements about EVFs and chirp about the superiority of tiny dim train tunnel-like optical viewfinders on cameras that have every advantage except a usable eye hole.

Ok, is that too strong? Let me back down a little and say that up until now, I much prefer an optical viewfinder and I haven't used Oly's add on yet for the Pens. I do favor large professional DSLR viewfinders over the barely adequate ones on entry level DSLRs. But I'm not so naive to fail recognize that each technology does have some advantages and that the people who use them report very good things compared to current optical designs. And to make a "last stand" for a technology that is being replaced without really giving the new stuff a try is simply prejudice.


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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?


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