The eternal body/lens question

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Re: The eternal body/lens question

BHPhotog wrote:

The K-7 feels much better in-hand

You said it right there. That's your reason to go with the K-7. Go with the camera you feel most comfortable with an you'll enjoy photography much more.

I suppose my top priority is IQ and the kind of contrast/resolution/acutance I like to see in b&w images. I'd use it mostly for urban b&w, no sports mostly static street scenes, occasional candid portraits and still life. Not interested in video, so that's not an issue. Additionally, the vast majority of my shots are in the 24-40mm range, so either lens would cover my needs.

Given your intended subjects, may I suggest that you consider buying the K-7 body and a used prime. You seem to be comfortable with using primes and Pentax has made many over the years that will soundly trounce the kit lens in the IQ department. The best part is that some of these primes often go for a song on the used market because they lack AF. Static street scenes and still life don't require blazingly fast AF, so these primes may be right up your alley (sorry, couldn't resist the pun). If you consider one of the many screwmount ("m42") lenses (Takumars, Super-Takumars, etc.), just be sure to budget for an adapter for your camera ($50-70, IIRC).

Best of luck!

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