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Re: Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and clogging

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Epson uses piezo heads and canon hp use thermal heads. From what I've gathers we need to leave our's on all the time so the head stays warm and things flow. Epsons need to be turned off so the head parks into some form of sealed area so things don't dry out.

I looked at HP - i've had great experiences with everything HP over the years and the local staples uses a large format HP and their output is great looking. But canon was more commonly accessible to me as was support (being a canon CPS member, knowing many that use it or similar canon printers, having access to a couple canon explorers of light and I run into the east coast canon rep once or twice a year).

I've been 110% satisfied. I've never talked to anyone that has said anything bad about the big canon printers but epsons? I can't bring up that brand in a group of 4 or more that the clogging issue isn't mentioned. I'm not sure what conditions/use/maintenance has caused this in the past or if it's an old problem - I just hear of it (and experienced) enough to be very wary of epson printers.

I had more problems in any given week with my epson printers than I've had in years with my canon printers. -oh wait, i've never had a problem with my canon printers - not even 1 of any kind - vs multiple problems per week, per print job at times, with epsons.

The Epson 3880 is not every other Epson printer you've used. It uses new ink repelling Teflon coated head and ink technology. After months of printing i haven't had a single clog or any other printing disruption. I've seen nothing but praise for the 3880 in this forum, and I'll add to the rave reviews. It's probably the most fantastic addition to my photo workflow and high quality output that I've experienced in the last decade.

I do keep mine covered with the Tumi cover when not in use, maybe that helps. I tried a cheaper printer cover but it was a generic fit that looked more like a drop cloth than a cover. The Tumi cover is custom made for the 3880 and is well worth the price.


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