X-Rite CC Passport comparisons

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X-Rite CC Passport comparisons

I received the X-rite Colorchecker Passport yesterday and so set about doing some tests to compare the color response across several profiles. In order to get a wide variety of colors and finishes to compare, I gathered up some random stuff lying around the house and set it all up on white seamless paper. The lighting is from 2 speedlights bounced into umbrellas on either side and a 3rd speedlight illuminating the background. Additionally, I shot JPG + RAW with a 5500k white balance. After taking the shot, I created a custom profile with the X-rite software from within Lightroom and created 2 virtual copies of the original RAW file. The first was assigned the "camera standard" profile, the second received the X-rite profile and the last had the standard adobe profile.

The first thing I noticed was how close the camera standard profile was to the in-camera jpg. I've never tested this before, so I was surprised and how accurate it was.There were some differences, predominantly in contrast and brightness but these are due to my lightroom develop settings, not the profile. I was able to get a close match with a couple of fast tweaks. Were I interested in matching the in-camera jpg in Lightroom or ACR, I'm confident the camera profiles for my Nikon D300s would do an excellent job.

The image with the Adobe profile looked just as I expected. While I don't dislike the rendering, especially the earth tones, it was, IMO, the least accurate of the 4 images. Color measurements to compare the results were based on eyecrometer readings alone. The items were things I'm quite familiar with and that I could easily walk over and inspect as I made my comparisons.

The blue of the tape roll, for example was too light and washed out, as was the navy blue square on the color checker chart. The color of the basket and the picture frame, were too far towards red-magenta and the and yellow on the WD-40 can looked gold-ish where it's really yellow that leans ever so slightly toward green. There are too many differences to list and I don't have words to describe them all. Some are subtle, others are more obvious.

Overall, the X-rite appears to be very accurate. In other words, what I see on the screen in Lightroom closely matches what I see with my eyes. Moreover, the colors appear deeper and more rich. Increasing saturation and / or vibrance on the Adobe profile does not bring them any closer IMO. The highlight and shadow response is different as well an better I think. This is harder to describe and I'll need to do some more comparisons to better quantify this.

I also made a dual illuminarte profile and tested it against the custom profile for this scene. If there are any differences, I could not spot them. In this test, the produce results that appeared identical to me.

1 - In-camer jpg

2 - Camera Standard profile

3 - X-rite custom profile

4 - Adobe Standard Profile

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