Help deciding Nikon D7000 or Panasonic GH2

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Re: Help deciding Nikon D7000 or Panasonic GH2

hat view wrote:

Do you have the Panny GH2 as I am wondering if this newer one is better in low light.

I read a quote on DPreview about how the best camera is" the one you have with you" and that has been in the back of my mind....regarding my decision.

When I read that you said it is much lighter.l....wondering if that is comparing lenses that are close. I tried to calculate the difference between D7000 and GH2 and it looked as if .5 pound difference but I think that could be an error (with similiar lenses on).

I have the GH1, and I have read enough posts from owners of GH2s to be confident that they feel better about its high ISO ability. But, no one is claiming that the GH2 will match the high ISO ability of my D700 (full frame, so it would be quite amazing if it did!) or the D7000. To me, though, if you get a good ISO 1600 and a usable ISO 3200 out of the GH2, that takes care of my high ISO concerns; I don't need ISO 6400 or higher. There is a comparison function on the Imaging Resource site where you can view shots side by side at the same ISO's, which you should try. But the auto focus for kid's sports would still be a concern. The folks who seem to know the technical aspects of the auto focus systems can state reasons why phase AF is significantly better for tracking moving moving subjects, and my experience with the GH1 is it won't come close to a DSLR for continuous shooting AF tracking for kid's sports. Posts from the GH2 owners have not indicated any great improvement in AF tracking ability for continuous shooting.

As for size, you do need to compare lenses. See if you can find the specs of the Pany 45-200 and 100-300 and compare them to the Nikkor 70-300 VR and the 80-400VR. The Panys are substantially smaller in comparison, both in physical dimensions and weight. Frankly the small size of the 45-200 was a major reason I became interest in M43. It is going to be with me a lot more than the DSLR.

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