Re: Pentax on mirrorless: 'we never rule anything out'

Started Jan 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
Jim5k Junior Member • Posts: 31
Re: Try to shoot an air display

I am thrilled and amazed with dSLRs, but it's the "d" part that amazes me, not the SLR part. I'm arguing against the mirror and pentaprism, which even predates Ansel.

I haven't owned many digital cameras (I'm still waiting for my digital FM-2), but one of my favorite features was the tilt & swivel LCD on the Canon S3IS. It allowed me to use the camera on a tripod at all kinds of heights and angles without lying on the ground or climbing ladders (like Ansel probably had to do). I was just saying viewfinders aren't needed for all types of photography.

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