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dona2 wrote:

Marcamera wrote:

Any TV set will benefit from proper professional calibration by ISF technician.
Not different really from the need to callibrate yourmonitor.

Calibration is fairly expemsive, here in Toronto abt CAD 400.00, not really worth for small sets. But, if you want to get the maximum quality from your TV, particularly if it is a large, advanced set, it is worth every penny.

Well, could be but that applied more to CRT sets. Those 3 beams had to be in perfect allignment.

Yes, those were alignment issues and not callibration.

Solid state sets tend to be good right out of the box with the factory setup.

Most sets are set up in factory so that they stand out in a store, overly bright, overly saturated. You can get used to them, I agree, but it is not what the picture was intended to be.

Callibrating TVs is no different to callibrating computer monitors to properly render colours.

Modern TVs have numerous user adjustments to tweek the picture to suit. A tech may set thiings up to thier preference, perhaps not yours.

They use instruments, not their eyes to callibrate TVs, colorimeters and laptpops.

They acces TVs service menus, not accesible to users . Access may off course be cracked but it invalidates the warranty in most cases.

I am a hard core a DIY type. Others that have trouble getting it cabled right might benefit from a pro setup. To each thier own.

Not really anything to do with cabling. I also agree that many new TVs look impressive without any callibration. I had the callibration done, it was worth every penny, mine is a 65" Sharp.

As you said, to each his own, I agree with that.

Don V. Armitage

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