Re: Pentax on mirrorless: 'we never rule anything out'

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Re: LCDs will surpass mirrors.

Is auto-focus / auto-everything what photography is all about? ...To everyone? Shoot, I'm so old I remember thinking auto-focus took away from the skill.

I wasn't aware the "better" AF system needed a mirror. Sorry - then they should continue making SLRs for people who need that (or come up with a better mirrorless AF system). But see my previous post about wanting a camera for landscape photography. Auto-focus speed is meaningless to me. What I liked about the G2 was the touch screen giving me a manual focusing aid to overcome some of the limitations of the LCD.

I'm still a Nikon FM-2 guy at heart. I miss depth of field scales. A long time ago I asked Nikon to make a simple digital back for my FM-2 that does little more than record a quality image. ...And a + - meter would be nice. How hard could that be to make? I even suggested a digital 35mm cassette that drops into the camera. I'm still holding onto my cherished AI-S lenses just in case. (Yeah, I know - don't burst my bubble).

I guess I'm just confused by Nikon abandoning the "FM" market in a digital world. Also curious - my young friend started taking photography courses. I was shocked that they required her to buy a manual film camera. I had to give her one from my collection.

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