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Re: LCDs will surpass mirrors.

Jim5k wrote:

That's my point - there is NO reason why mirrorless cameras can't have the same AF and lag times, other than they simply aren't making them. So, why aren't they making them? Is it because they won't sell or because they don't want to sell them? Personally, I think they've brainwashed people into thinking they still need them.

Brainwashed? People buy what works TODAY, not what might work in 10 years.

Just pop the SLR part off of a dSLR and I'll use the LCD on the back. Same image quality, same lag, same AF speed, same "superior lenses already on the market", etc., just no mechanical viewfinder which add to the size, weight, and expense (plus we can even discuss reliability of mechanics vs. electronics).

The phase-detect AF system needs light from the mirror to work. If you have ever used the contrast AF system in a normal SLR, it is SLOW, so that is not true. If you have use the contrast detect system in m4/3, NEX, NX bodies, you will find they are quite a bit slower, too. This is the main reason Sony added the pellicle mirror in their A55, but that decreases light that can hit the sensor and there are VF blackout issues when tracking action.

When you think about it, a mirrorless system has the potential to be faster, since the mirror doesn't have to jump out of the way before the image is recorded. Whether you prefer a viewfinder or not (or an electronic one) is one thing, but please tell me you're not brainwashed enough to see that.

Perhaps. But today, EVF tech introduces slight lag and shutter blackout for processing time. It's getting better, but it just isn't the same. I hope someday we can make EVF that are as good as the optical ones we have now, but that is not today.

I won't miss the "clunk" of the mirror slapping out of the way every time I push the shutter (and if I do, I can turn on the sound in the menu). Many years ago I argued to camera clubs that digital was the future of photography (I even got a letter published in the PSA Journal). But they were slow to listen and delegated digital to it's own class, almost as if it was cheating. Well, here's my next prediction: I think SLRs will go extinct once LCDs evolve a little more and people realize that they can do so much more than a mirror.

That's certainly likely, but the key word is when. It isn't today and not with today's tech.

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