Why doesn't Samsung have its own mirrorless section on the forums?

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Re: LOW PRICE? - go for it

007peter wrote:

Great analysis Adam

Another factor to consider the expensive PRICE Samsung NX command compare to similar m4/3 models.

  • $539.99 B&H Video Samsung NX

where as I can get a similar camera, Panasonic G10 + EVF + 3" 460K wide screen LCD + kit lens for

Considering that Samsung is relatively unknown entity in photography business with mediocre past record, it seem safer to buy a panasonic over samsung even though I do like the NX better than G10. The cheap price also help...alot!

Plastic fantastic Panasonic, was not so many years ago that Panasonic was wearing the same comment a "relatively unknown entity in photography business with mediocre past record".

How times change.

The Samsung NX10 is a very well built product and build quality alone would indicate it being worth more. But some see a camera as a camera and of course Panasonic is now no longer an unknown entity in the photography business and can be relied upon to have it all worked out. So much for a few years and some heavy marketing.

So if cheap price is the only consideration then go for the cheapest it is the buyer's call.

AdamT wrote:

Not enough owners to warrant it, as has been said, tumbleweeds were blowing through this forum before the EX1 livened it up and there were NX cams long before the EX1 .. Samsung is actually very lucky to have a forum at all, this used to be "Other Digicams" . you can thank the NV10 for that, even the Pro815 (the only real interesting compact before the EX1) didn't garner much interest and the "GX" series were just re-badged Pentax DSLRs so were covered by the Pentax DSLR forum..

Lets face it Folks - nearly all the talk here now is about EX1 versus this, that and the other , very little NX speak - Heck even my Pro815 thread had more interest than most NX ones..

Dunno why, probably that the NX10/5/11 is too close to a DSLR in size without any special features or performance aspect and a poor lens selection , the NX100 is battling against the NEX, EPL and GF cams (and losing it would seem, probably lenses and size again) - it doesn't make them bad cameras, just not a likely choice when faced with panasonic, sony or olympus .. I can't see the NX system lasting much longer really, Sam don't seem interested in adding lenses ..

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