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Re: Again, thanks for the great replies

Sean Nelson wrote:

BTW I too am waiting for somebody to explain how providing good video capabilities takes away from it being a good still camera...

I never stated that "good video capabilities takes away from it being a good still camera.." : What awareness I want to bring to the table is: there is a standard engineering 90/10 rule. In any hybrid development 90 percent of the effort is going to, at most, give only a 10 percent effort to the secondary part of the design target. There is no question that Panasonic was primarly developing a video system. This 90/10 rule is not the fault of Panasonic, it is just the way God made engineering. It is the same reason I can not take my blown fuel dragster to the grocery store.. well I could but... there would be trade offs, if you get my drift.

You will see my point easily if you do the mental exercise of putting the "design shoe on the other foot"... Think for a second what you would have had from Panasonic if they had developed G3 instead of a GH2 with the primary (the 90% part) on a vastly improved stills camera, and the video got dragged along as the (10%) part. It would have been a totally different animal.

If they had done that then all our posts (yours and mine) would have been reversed, and I would be saying, like you are to me now. "Gee what's your problem with the new video part you got a much improved feature set as a result of Panasonics effort to develop this great new stills camera" Of course, you would then see the point instantly ! You would be screaming like a stuck pig "but wait a minute,.. we only maybe at most got a 10% part of this effort, and we thought there would be much more to address our video needs than we got!

I understand that you and others have stated as a forgone conclusion that the GH2 is a better stills imaging device than its precursors. However: There are additional, although much more technical, topics that swirl around this discussion. It is not clear, at all, that the high density sensor is working better (10% better??) for stills. The camera is very new so all the reports are not in, but there have been users reporting frequency interference (morie) issues with that sensor, additionally the manufacturing technology in China to produce the sensor has some serious QA issues, and also there are optical physics questions about vertical off axis sensitivity in the high density design where some lens are not able to properly work with it..

I feel the m43 market would have been better served if there had been a release of a stills only and the GH2 rather than just the hybrid. Unfortunately it looked to be a repositioning in the market when, more or less at the same time, the GF1 got transformed into the GF2 and then the GH2 was released. It just sort of took the breath away from a die hard stills shooter. But we must look on the bright side. There are rumors that there is a G3 to be released very soon, and some folks think it is a possibility that Leica may enter the m43 market. So maybe all is not lost.

Thanks for your comments, and happy shooting ! I will look for the results of your current good work with your GH2 in 5 or 10 years when my ISP gets that long promised fibre to my curb !

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