An open letter to the Office of Fair Trading

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An open letter to the Office of Fair Trading

This is an open letter to the office of fair trading....


Dear Sir or Madam

I writing with regards to the latest camera release from Nikon, the D7000 DSLR.

There have been a lot of problems with this camera and Nikon have had had to issue a firmware update for it to correct those obvious problems. Many cameras have also had to be recalled for repair.

The following is a post submitted by me on the photography forum called Dpreview where Nikon owners meet in an on-line community. It will explain the situation more fully and reveal what I'm asking of you. It is a reply from me to yet another disgruntled Nikon customer on the forum.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered....please read on...


I installed Nikons new firmware update which cured my brand new camera's hot pixel problem, which was red and blue bright pixels at high ISO and long exposure, but after the upgrade, I had a bright white pixel that wasn't there previously.

I've told Nikon about it and sent an image to them and they've said to send it in for repair, but I've heard rumours of people waiting up to two months for their camera to be returned,which is probably because they're swamped with D7000 complaints.

I agree with the original poster that Nikon seems to have the notion that the general public should be their research and development people and at their own cost. Treating their customers like human guinea pigs doesn't do their reputation any favours. The product should have been perfected BEFORE it went into production.

Quite frankly, I can't tear myself away from this otherwise superb camera just yet. I want some more fun with it first and the bright pixel doesn't seem to be presenting me with TOO much of a problem right now. That's not the point though ~ I paid good £££££'s for a perfect product and that's what I should have.

The thought of sending it away and not having a camera for a while and having to pay for the shipping of their defective product really annoys me and Nikon should be forced by the Office of Fair Trading or whoever, depending on which country you live in, to offer recompense in such cases, but I fear that there is more chance of pigs flying.

Well I'll soon find out, because I'm going to contact the OFT (in the UK) and ask them if I have a right to recompense for postage and inconvenience. I'll let you know what they say. Should be interesting.......maybe.

I've kept to my side of the contract and parted with my hard earned cash ~ their side of the contract was to provide me with a product that is fit for purpose and as described in their promotional material. If more people like us made a fuss, then perhaps something would get done about this intolerable situation.


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Kind regards

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