Concerned of RAW vs JPEG

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Re: Concerned of RAW vs JPEG Then check out Luminous-Landscape.

I was having trouble learning about LR3, and bought three different downloads from them. Guide to LR3, Where the #$%$@%# are my pictures and from camera to print tutorial. These have brought calm to my LR world. These are no more costly than a good book, and much easier to follow. Where the #^%#&^ are my pictures saved my picture files after following the back up system set out on that video.

Jpgs are fine if your not ever going to save them. However, everytime you save one it loses quality while a RAW or Tiff does not. I didn't try it, as I have never shot anything but raw, they said to take a jpg and save it over and over and over many times again and to see how it changes every time you save the image. At some point you end up with something you can no longer use. I sale to publications that require tiff files, and in order to get the very best out of light room I start with RAW. I down load as DNG files, and save to an external the original RAW file at the time of importing using LR3. Very easy to do. But you may well find that your computer isn't big or fast enough and for some that is going to be a major problem.

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