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Re: Helicon Software vs Zerene?

ken henke wrote:

Just curious on anybody's experience with Zerene vs helicon focus. Also, is helicon lite adequate for most images?

Also curious about Zerene's pricing. Professional version is much more than the personal version. Their site indicates the professional version is for those who sells photos? What? I am really confused why the differentiate that way. Although, I don't currently sell many photos, in the future I may. That said, it still won't be many. Yet for the possibility I might sell some, I have to shell out more $$.


Thank you for contacting us by email and pointing us to this thread.

For in-depth technical comparison of Helicon Focus and Zerene Stacker, I'll point you to http://www.photomacrography.net . A wide range of issues is discussed at length in the forums there, and the shift in usage from Helicon to Zerene over time has been striking. You might also be interested in the various postings and articles published by Michael Erlewine. They can be found by Googling on erlewine zerene . One feature that may not be immediately evident: a powerful retouching capability is provided at all levels of Zerene Stacker, but in Helicon Focus only in Pro.

About pricing, the policy for Zerene Stacker is similar in concept to many other software packages that are free for noncommercial purposes but require a license for commercial use. In our case, we can't afford to give it away for free to anybody, but the Student and Personal prices are a lot less than Professional.

Regarding sale of photos, the licensing terms are not intended to present a problem. If the sale is small enough, then it's allowed under the detailed terms of the Personal license. For larger volumes of sales, you'll need Professional to stay compliant, but that's a simple upgrade for the difference in purchase price and it applies to all previously generated images. Like all software licenses, staying compliant really comes down to the honor system. If you buy Personal and then start selling images in quantity or otherwise using the software for Professional activities, then just upgrade at your next convenient opportunity. Do not pass up a sudden opportunity to make a sale just because you have the wrong license!

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to email support@zerenesystems.com regarding this or any other aspect of Zerene Stacker.

Best regards,
Rik Littlefield
Zerene Systems

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