"Flat view" vs. "Threaded view"

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Re: The worst thing DPR ever did...

Alekko wrote:

apaflo wrote:

You've described the effect of people using the threaded view , and blamed it on use of the flat view.

Those of us who use the threaded view know EXACTLY to which post we replay to. We can't make mistake and reply to who knows whose post.

I don't see how someone using the flat view is going to mistake which post is being replied to. The reply button doesn't choose a post at random...

I prefer the threaded because I can see the branches and avoid getting into those I’m not interested to follow if I chose so. It’s a great way of reading threads. Even on other forums I use the threaded view.

Some of use prefer a more efficient mechanism. For example, my Internet is via a satellite link, so the minimum round trip latency is 500ms, and start up times on web pages can take several seconds. Those with low latency might not think that clicking a button to access the next article is such a deficiency, but for some people it is.

Regardless of that, your complaint suggests that the perceived advantage of the threaded view is not as functional as it would need to be to be worthwhile. It is a lot better (and faster) IMHO to scan through an article, and actually determine for a fact that it does not warrant careful reading than it is to miss some very good articles because I didn't like the parent article in a thread.

It’s a personal preference.

It is indeed. Each of us have different talents, and which works best for one is never necessarily the best for all.

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