Is photojournalism dead?

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Re: Is photojournalism dead?

Being a freelance PJ myself, I find many press editors accepting images from anyone who doesn't want money, just a credit line in the paper. While many Ed's can see the difference bewteen a pro shot and and a P&S shot, those who cherish their publication will not accept anything but a pic from an accredited photographer. When I'm out shooting on assignments, I often have people coming up to me saying: "Wow! That’s some rig mate,. I bet it takes great photos!" DOH...!!!!

So is PJ dying? I think it is thanks not to editors, but to the infamous Bean Counters (BC's).

Just recently, my editor of a bi-weekly newspaper was drawn across the coals for giving out too much weekend work, because her young staff were not qualified in pushing glass.

She was told by the BC as editor, you have five journos (all under 25) and each is supplied with a DSLR camera, so why are you using a freelancer? Not sure of her reply but when your editor has been chipped by a BC, your assignments fall off rapidly.

What these BC's don't realise is, these kids are trained in pushing a pen not glass. They went to Uni to study the craft of Journalism not photography. The editor who is quite good at her job, knows the old saying...'a good news pic is worth a 1000 words' but the BC's see it differently. Now my editor is in a Catch-22. What happens now is yet to be seen.

So is PJ dead? Not yet, but it is dying.

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