2011 and still no answer to the 5DM2

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Re: Wasted keyboard presses and breath

Billx08 wrote:

bikinchris wrote:

. . .

I DARE YOU to show me a video taken with a 5DMKII of a F1 car at speed. I dare you. What's your day rate? I would even pay you if you can get even 4 seconds of in focus video of that. Much less 30 seconds. How fast can pull focus?

Come on, put up or shut up.

As you can see from Scott's reply to you, he's determined to be a troll to the end. What he intends is that this nightmare will have no end.

You're right, I'm taking out my disappointment with Nikon's inaction on you, who agree with Nikon. I shouldn't do that anymore, it's a waste of time. It's just that they don't listen to anyone so what's a poor boy to do. I thought maybe there was someone here who agreed with me that they are lame, and maybe we could figure out why, you know, to soften the harm. I guess not.

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