"Flat view" vs. "Threaded view"

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Re: The worst thing DPR ever did...

ljfinger wrote:

...was to implement flat view. Now we have flat view folks that don't understand threading replying in the middle of subthreads completely out of the blue, having no idea where they are posting and giving no context in their replies.

You've described the effect of people using the threaded view , and blamed it on use of the flat view.

In fact the problem lies with the format in which articles are presented to the viewer. That is where context should be maintained. People who use threaded views assume that everyone can see precisely what they are responding to, when in fact that is not the case. They should , simply because DPR's presentation does not otherwise necessarily give context, provide sufficient quoted text, but they don't.

Which is to say, that the presentation of articles could be done in a manner that makes context available for either flat or threaded viewers, but lacking that the individual viewer should, and often does not, provide the context.

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