Output Sharpening: Capture NX2 vs. Lightroom 3

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Re: Output Sharpening: Capture NX2 vs. Lightroom 3

Jack Hogan wrote:

In my opinion that, my friend, is incorrect and where we differ.

If you are interested you may want to read up on the difference between applying sharpening on a raw file before/during demosaicing and rendering (low level PCS) - versus after (USM/HP et al.) when you are working on data that has already been massaged and frozen to fit into a colorimetric RGB color space. The two processes are as similar as the moon and the sun.

That would be of interest because I can see that it might offer a real advantage. However, I see absolutely no theoretical or empirical evidence that Capture NX does any such thing. Jason doesn't seem to think so and I could find no claims or suggestions to that effect from Mike Rubin either. It seems to come down to a little arm waving over "advanced algorithms to overcome the effects of the AA filter".

In contrast, edge masking and BlendIf controls are discussed extensively in the literature. The effects make sense in theory and the improved results are easily reproducible in practice. Science versus magic!

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