70-400G or 500mm -is the 100mm difference great? simple test

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70-400G or 500mm -is the 100mm difference great? simple test

OK all you perfectionists out there I know this is a very simplistic test but it is a real life one I just encountered by chance

We were sitting inside when Alenka saw a hawk on a far distant tree,a bird we do not often see here

I had the 70-400G on the A55 so grabbed a few handheld shots but felt it was too distant so I swapped over to the 500mm mirror lens for the extra length

Again hand held I grabbed a couple of shots then went for the tripod but the bird had had enough and moved on , as they do when you want them to sit for you so it is a really simple test but I hope some will find it a help to the perennial question of "does the extra 100 mm make that much difference?"

I was slightly surprised myself
How about you ?

first a composite of the overall view to give an idea of just how far off the bird was

then a crop of the composite (full size on flickr if you wish to see it)

not sure about your conclusions but I have an opinion now regarding the focal length , in simple terms, if the bird is that far way it makes no difference , it will still be a lousy photo

but it does suggest the differences are not as great as many (myself included ) had thought they would be
hope I have not taken up too much of your time with this simple exercise


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