D40 and D7000 JPEG Comparison Pictures

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Re: So what you are really saying is....

Polyglot92 wrote:

If you had read a bit more you would have realised your mistake in assuming you can determine which of two images represents the OP's actual skin tone best (unless you have some kind of reference, e.g. you know him personally or have a colour-true true print). You would also have read the answer to your question.

Your question is so ridiculous, I'm almost hesitant to waste my time answering. The OP labeled each image that he submitted with the camera body it was taken from, then cited which one fit his skin tone the best, since we all can't see the OP first hand. Are you really that dense or are you just pulling my third leg?

It is tiresome to read posts of people who in a thread of 100 posts react to the original post days later without the courtesy of taking into account the folllow up posts, and assume rather than read.

Read through the entire thread, and your question still stands as the most ignorant out of all 100 posts. However, since English is not your native language, I'll take that into account before labeling you a nob. Keep that in mind before you go around insulting people.

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