The E-PL2 and XZ-1 are good news!

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Re: Left versus right-eyed people

I am very dominant left eyed with a rather large sized nose. Whenever people talk about doing away with that "no longer needed" hump of a viewfinder in the middle of a dSLR design, I think they obviously are not quite as 'challenged' as I am. lol

A viewfinder on the left of a camera like the PENs leaves me with a scrunched up nose and less than ideal platform to stabilize the camera against my face. With that luddite hump in the middle of the camera, I can much more easily get the lcd stable against my left cheek instead of having my nose end up being a pivot point in the equation.

I guess those that are right eyed or have a less protruding proboscis don't have those issues. lol

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