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Re: Very niche

bikinchris wrote:

The X100 does not intend to make anyone switch brands and I don't think it is intended as an only camera. I think the X100 is intended to be a novelty camera with good image quality. It doesn't shoot for the Leica crowd, who will pay almost anything to buy a Leica. It doesn't have the features to chase after even point and shoot cameras. It doesn't try to be a DSLR killer.

It's just a retro camera that looks fun to use for people who want to use a manual style camera.

I think it's pretty cool, and if I can afford it when it comes out, I will probably try to buy one, but I won't try to use it to replace my D3.

I fully expect people with deep pockets to buy it and complain about the "lack of features," though.

For the kind of photographer who never took a 35mm lens of their Leica this could be a great digital alternative - and a lot cheaper than buying an M8 with a 24mm lens.

A lot more handsome and more discreet than an ugly looking DSLR as well.

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