Heads up - New boxed Ricoh Caplio 500G on Ebay

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Re: No bids with 20 hours to go

The cagiest bidders hold off til right near the very end because if you put your max bid out early, it gives other bidders time to talk themselves into bidding more than they planned. If you don't toss your real high bid out til the end, they don't have time to respond. I use a service that places my bid within the last ten seconds of an auction and it has worked for me many times. And it's free for up to 5 auctions a week.

I just got two cameras on Ebay - a Minolta 110 SLR that hopefully is as good as it looks, and a Fuji Discovery 3000 camera that appears to be the ugliest thing since the Fotron III - and got them on one bid of $5.99 US plus shipping. Can't wait to see what these look like - I really wanted the Minolta for my display case. I had a brand new one 30+ years ago and it cost me at least a couple hundred dollars then.

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