LX3 owner asks - "Do I want LX5 or TL500?"

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Les Hall
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LX3 owner asks - "Do I want LX5 or TL500?"

I Posted the exact same message in the Panasonic forum...

I have an LX3 that I have enjoyed since they came out. My wife very kindly bought me a GF1 20mm kit for Xmas. But I sent it back because the lens wasn't wide enough. I need 28mm (equivalent) minimum, prefer 24mm or wider.

So I have roughly $600 in credit to buy.....

If I got an LX5 I would sell the LX3, but would I see enough improvement? I must say the video looks very good and I like the idea of the EVF, even though people dis' it.

I looked at a Samsung TL500 today and it is a great looking & feeling camera, but Frys did not have it charged up so I could not 'play' with it.

Anything else I should consider? I almost bought a GRDIII but it has no Image Stabilization which these days I need. The G12 and Nikon 7000 are just too ugly. I thought about the Sony NX3 with the 16mm lens. Also the new Olympus looks interesting, but I believe it is 28mm??

So any suggestions? Would love to hear from LX3 owners who find the LX5 that much better.

Thanks, Les

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