Viewer 2 problem

Started Jan 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
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JLTaylor Senior Member • Posts: 1,065
Viewer 2 problem

Viewer use to work, until I upgraded it.

The upgraded version ran once, but the second time I started it I got this
helpful error message:

"The part of function can not be used because different version of Add-on Software is exist. Update software first before using it."

Click ok, and get a "Failed to launch this software.(0x5)" error message.

I can uninstall it. Run it once. Get the same error the second time.

I have Studio 2 (version 2.3). installed.
OS is Windows 7

I have downloaded Viewer from the Olympus website and from an
e-5 install disk.

I would rather they updated Studio, but it

Has anyone else had the same problem, and found a way to get around it?

Jeff Taylor

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