Guessing game: What would E-P3 look like?

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Re: Guessing game: What would E-P3 look like?

I thiink there will be two more types of m4/3 from Olympus this year:

RF-style, built-in EVF (may indeed be of lower resolution: 920k dot instead of 1400kdot), 460k fixed screen, retro design, €799 at intro

E-P30: A replacement for the mid-level Olympus DSLR's:

DSLR-style, Built-in EVF (high res), 920k tilt-swivel screen, ability to focus all the Zuiko lenses fast, more extensive controls, €899 at intro.

I do actually think there will be a new sensor in these camera's (or perhaps only in the E-P30). Panasonic will also introduce a more upmarket successor to the GF1, and this might be the moment to do so with a new sensor. It would help to differentiate these models from the now pretty comprehensive entry-level. A new generation 14MP sensor would do the trick...

John_of_LA wrote:

5. Same 12MP sensor: I guess Pana won't give the new sensor to Oly yet. Guessing by GH2 small stock. Also, Oly don't have time to deal with new sensor yet, given the lens development still falls behind Panny. Also, I think Oly want to keep E-5 as their top dog for a little while.

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