SEL16F28 (16mm lens) is awful

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SEL16F28 (16mm lens) is awful

2 months and I agree in every aspect what DPreview said about SEL18F28 being bad as a kit lens. and more.


  • soft corners with F/2.8 - F/5 aperature (not lens fault, i guess it's just physics)

  • only zoom is digital zoom, which resizes cropped results back to 14Mpix (camera software weirdness)

  • M mode is useless because automatic exposure compensation (camera software weirdness)

SEL16F28 should be good lens for landscape photography (because of wide angle) and smaller aperatures (F/5.6-F/8) should give good DOF and better sharpness in corners. So I used A (aperature) mode with F/5.6. Now, I wanted to decide the shutter speed myself, I can't set it to S mode because aperature would be automatic then, so I set it to M (manual) mode. Now I can set aperature and shutter, but exposure compensation is automatic and it can't be overridden. Doh.


  • great for low light if mounted on tripod

  • pocketable (most of the time it is detached from camera and in my pocket)

  • less distortion at 16mm than SEL18200 has at 18mm

Sometimes F/2.8 would give nice artistic feel of blur in corners, but if you are into that, better get a "Lensbaby Composer with Tilt Transformer for NEX", it's only 100USD more, but 100x more artistic.

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