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Re: wide angle advice for full frame

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Renting is always a good idea, however I've experience of the 16-35 and was not impressed, the 17-40 seemed ok. I would love to try some Zeiss etc however the majority of rental companies only stock Canon or Nikon lenses which is a real shame.

What are the Zeiss like on Canon? How about Sigma on full frame (wide angle such as the 12-24)? I'm fine with manual lenses, though not my normal first choice, for wide is ok.

Again thanks for everyones input and a happy new year to you all.


I do not own the Sigma 12-24 but had played with my friend's 12-24 on my 1D2 which is only a 1.3X crop sensor not FF and with the 1.3X crop that's as wide as you can get without going fisheye (which I hate), the lens seemed to work decently on the 1.3X crop body but I have no person experience with that on FF, from what I have read, it's a decent performer but far from "great", again, if you need 12mm coverage, that's all you have got. I also had the 17-40 L before, works great on my 20D, decently sharp all the way to corner because I was using the 1.6X crop body, but as soon as I got the 1DS2, all of a sudden the edges look pretty horrible even stop down, so I got rid of it. now I am shooting primes only for WA, much happier, but my bag is now 3 times heavier and the wallet is much much thinner too, :), now I use Samyang 14, TSE 17, Zeiss 21, TSE 24, Zeiss 35 F2, Nikon 14-24G to cover the same range which was previously done by 17-40L or 16-35L alone.

As for how the Zeiss work on Canon, all I can say is one word -- Great !! I have the TSE 17 and 24 now which you probably know it's by far the best Canon UWA lens, and that Zeiss 21 matchers every bit of them except for the T/S capabilities, sharp corner to corner, great contrast, great color, not to mention the tank-like built quality and the buttery smooth long throw focusing ring, I can say nothing but great things about the lens.

I just came back from week long trip from Las Vegas and Death Valley last week , even I have all those TSE lens with me, I use the Zeiss just as much when T/S is not required, here is a recent discussion regarding the 16-35L and some alternative people mention, take a look if you are interested, I have posted a few shots from the 1DS2+ Zeiss 21 there, you can find tons of great Zeiss sample pictures on Fredmiranda forum too, that's where I found all the info for Zeiss lenses before I got my first Zeiss.


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