Panasonic to announce 12-50/f2.5-3.3 soon (FT4)

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Re: Panasonic to announce 12-50/f2.5-3.3 soon (FT4)

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Lets hope Panasonic are kind to us on the price?

Have they ever been?

I would guess this lens will be even more expensive than the 14-140mm G HD superzoom. Perhaps around US$1000-1200?

Put another way: This is going to be a fairly low volume lens. And there is no competition whatsoever. Why should they set a low price? They can charge more or less whatever they want, and people would still buy it.

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Unfortunately you are most probably right. Just look at the problem that Pany had in producing enough 14-140 lenses at a time when the GH1 was in high demand but Pany unable to deliver? As you say why sell low when there likely will be a very high demand for these scarse lenses?

I expect that initially this lens is aimed more for the Pany new AG-AF100 camcorder where price is no issue. Pany probably right to assume that with a high price there would be less demand for use with their existing m4/3 models except for GH2. However once they can get production up I expect it will be a kit lens with their pro model which I would guess not be released until next fall.

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